Josefa Trimmel Tscharmann

exhibition „ww.connections / Vernetzte Welt”

Rathaus- Galerie in Eisenstadt 2019

exhibition „Transitions“ Berlin 2015

The interdisciplinary exhibition „Transitions“ presents works by the three artists Isabella Trimmel, Nirto Karsten Fischer and Josefa T. Tscharmann. „Transitions“ describes in a snaphot the developments of the participating artists, hence the German term „Werkschau“. At the same time it describes the subjects of the works as a placed over topos.

Josefa T. Tscharmann
The painter Josefa T. Tscharmann however crosses the boundary with abstract colour figurations, which seem to interact as dialogs in her paintings. Sometimes they exclude each other, sometimes they are layered or recombine to new organic connections. Contentual Tscharman describes in her newest works transit- and boundary movements.

Wednesday 16th Sept. 2015, 7 pm (vernissage)
opening time:Thursday 17th undtil Sunday 20 th Sept. 2015
daily 11 am until 7.30 pm
location: Kühlhaus Berlin (next to ABC art fair)
Luckenwalderstrasse 3, D-10963 Berlin

Ausstellung im HausBegegnung Eisenstadt

Ausstellung im Atelier Moogreen in Brlin